Required software for this training
Vue xStream or Infinite 9 and higher
(Produced in v9 xStream Standalone)
asileFX - snowFlaKe v3
Media Playback Options
Play in Right Window Plays training in right frame
Play in new window Play training in new tab or window
Open video file (MP4) Opens MP4 media file (direct link)
Play in Right Window Play in new window Open video file (MP4)
Training System Requirements:
[ Play Option 1 ] (Recommended)
HTML Menu Requirements
Web browser capable of running Adobe Flash Player 10+
(Firefox Recommended)
Download Firefox
To open videos in a new tab or window,
middle click on the video links to the left.
[ Play Option 2 ]
Tested Media Players .MP4 Requirements
QuickTime Player
QT Alternative
VLC Player
Adobe Media Player
Divx Player